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Eric "Winged Bard" McDonald, Ph.D. is a poet, songwriter, and practitioner of timeless healing arts.

His mission is to help others break free from limitations imposed by institutions, systems, and self.

Eric's current work centers on sharing poetry and guided meditations, as well as hosting spiritual workshops and men's circles in his homeland of Northern Michigan. explores a range of spiritual topics through mystical poetry, stories, songs, and a blog centering on mysticism. You can also purchase books, stay up to date on in-person and online events, and find links to additional content as it becomes available.




The Great Unknown Certainty is a collection of poems written in the summer of 2022 and published in spring 2023.

From the Back Cover:

"The Great Unknown Certainty is everything we cannot speak. It is the only reality, the unknowing that makes knowing possible, the invisible force that grounds us in our being.

These poems speak to it in the way one can, humming softly into a swirling storm, gently nipping at the Divine Truth lurking in the mists and muds of our unconscious experience of life."


Screenshot 2023-04-27 124500.png

Songs of nights long past

,or nights that might have been

the muse echoing in the artist's ear


only to one without imagination

does decision or timing or fate

interfere with all the beauty along the road untraveled       


Follow the link for selected poems, exclusive to the site. 

Other Offerings


Where words cease to be sufficient, our hearts open in communion

to Divine Language,

to understanding beyond symbols or even metaphor.

- Winged Bard

Events and Workshops

  • Divine Writing Workshop
    Divine Writing Workshop
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Upcoming workshop designed to help you use writing as a tool of self-contemplation and divine connection. It is not about honing your writing skills but removing the self and the need to perform in order to get at something deeper. Be sure you're subscribe to the site to stay in the know!

Other Media


Ruminations 2.3 - "Where Everything is Music"

Ruminations 2.3 - "Where Everything is Music"

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