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Death, Dreams, and Downpours from the Road


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All God has Bestowed


into place

beyond the reach 

of small hands

that would gather

and have you drag

them about

this way and that

through the nether worlds

of sleepless nights

and long, restless heartaches; 

you've been flying.

It's nothing to boast about


feet on the ground,

toes chilled in wet grass; 

you were born with wings,

after all;

it's no great feat

for a fish to swim

or fowl to saunter about

or the rooster to crow at dawn;

the only requirement

is the discovery 

of all God has bestowed.

An Invitation

As we cycle from fire

to smoke to spark

to flint,

we arrive at morning’s door

with optimism –

though it’s no guest

you carry in your pocket

like some pebble found among the sand;

it fills inward to outward,

envelops and radiates,

sourced from the unknown

or at least too many headwaters to count;


and where you travel from here,

maybe Mexico or some secluded island

off the coast of India

and whether this feeling,

the origin of impulse,

hangs around

is a mystery;


there nothing to grip,

no coin to hold onto

in case of emergency,

to be handed to some desperate taxi driver

who’ll ensure your arrival;

just a hope,

a leap of faith,

and the invitation to simply enjoy the


however long it may last.

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