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Is Mysticism Practical? - An Introduction to the Blog

Well, no, not in the way that we normally understand 'practicality'.

It's highly practical in the sense that it takes us beyond a need for the practical.

And so, here is my blog. It is an invitation to a path of transcending our attachment to what is seemingly convenient, simple, and logical. The end, if there is one, is somewhere past the desire to parse out whether what we normally see as practical in fact is. In the meantime, I hope to challenge our assumptions about spirituality, question dearly held cultural values, and look for avenues to a better world.

To accomplish the task before me, I've enlisted stories, myths, and poetry, which accompany the blog on my website, I've summoned all my faculties and learning, then thrown them away entirely and started over. They are no help here, as I attempt to ground a perspective on the world that is inherently not able to be grounded.

It's a fool's errand, to be sure. I’ve chosen to start a blog and write about the one thing that it is impossible to write about successfully… in case that tells you anything about me. As my first several posts will reveal, mysticism does not easily lend itself to direct confrontation. The straight-forward nature of a blog is not an ideal vessel for the wisdom I hope to share. But it is a place to start, a springboard toward deeper contemplation. Hopefully, it sparks your interest in the stories and reflections that go deeper into the themes discussed in the blog posts.

I will discuss our collective desire to connect with something greater than ourselves. The search for God and the mystical path is waiting on the other side of all the little endeavors that we busy ourselves with in daily life.

Beyond the writing itself, it is my hope that the website's success makes it the basis for a larger spiritual community of seekers. I'd love to see others reflect on the mystical's role in their lives and offer stories and poems of their own. I look forward to being in conversation with thoughtful readers like you and multiply our collective wisdom through exchange.

For now, I hope you enjoy and are provoked by the ideas presented here. This is the birth of a journey and I'd be deeply honored if you took it with me from the very start. As we grow and learn together, may we be a blessing in each other's lives.

Stories will release each month, alongside a new blog post. Poems will continue to gather in the "poetry" section as well. Keep an eye out for workshops, online and in person, as well as other opportunities to get involved in the coming months.

Please subscribe, share and donate to support my work as you feel called. Check out the stories page for more content.

- Winged Bard

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